5 Style Options with each pair

FlipSlips not only look and feel like regular flats, but they are more versatile and comfortable! Each pair comes with two pairs of reversible ankle straps giving the wearer 5 style options: 1&2. Reversible short Gold & Silver. 3&4. Double-loop color matching straps & reflective 3M ribbon on the reverse side (these can also be used to cuff your pants when cycling and for added visibility). 5. Strapless. 
The ankle straps also dual-function to compress the shoes in their folded state.

3coatpocket (1).jpg


Comfort & style you can take anywhere

FlipSlips fold to approximately a quarter their original size and are the only shoes that fold sole-to-sole to keep all the dirty parts contained and to keep your purse or pocket clean. Whether you're traveling, going out on the town, or just want a comfortable flat, FlipSlips are the shoes you can take anywhere.

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Individually handcrafted

FlipSlips are handcrafted by skilled shoe makers and we source only the best factories that employ fair work practices. The Artisan, Luxury and Strassed Collections are handcrafted by the artist and designers in California. Each shoe is made to order and can be customized. We also offer fully commisioned works.